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A Brief Introduction of Science and Technology Platform of SWMU

In accordance with the guidelines of Independent Innovation,Keep Consideration Focused on Long-Project,Supporting Development, Leading to the Future, Southwest Medical University (SWMU) continuously enhances its overall strength of science and technology. It has built a number of scientific research bases with reasonable layout, complete function, efficient sharing system which provide important support for the development of science and research work of the university.

SWMU has one Key Laboratory of Ministry of Education, one Key Laboratory of Sichuan Province, one Key Philosophy & Social Science Research base of Sichuan Province, one State-Level Post-Doctoral Research Center, one State-Level Drug Clinical Trial Institution, one Sichuan Provincial International Science And Technology Cooperation Center, one Sichuan Provincial Engineering Center, one Sub-Centers of Evidence-Based Medicine Cooperative Research Center Of Ministry Of Education, One Level-Three Research Laboratory of The State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine Ministration(SATCM), one Sichuan Provincial Special Development Platform Of Scientific Research Institutions, two Sichuan Provincial science and technology foundation platforms. In addition, there are also 13 key provincial and municipal laboratories, such as Level-Two Research Laboratory of SATCM, Sichuan Provincial Key Laboratory of Universities and Colleges (social sciences research base), Sichuan Provincial Key Medical Laboratory. All of the laboratories, centers and bases formed a high level, open, dynamic scientific research platform with high efficiency and resource sharing system. The Laboratory Animal Center with more than 3000 square meters biult on campus combines breeding, production and scientific research together, and it is largest Laboratory Animal Center in southwest China.

SWMU is the leading unit of the Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Collaborative Innovation Center which is 2011 Sichuan Collaborative Innovation Center. The center is made of 16 unites including West China Hospital of Sichuan University, China Pharmaceutical University, Diao Group Chengdu Pharmaceutical Co.LTD, etc. The center carries out researches on prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases, constructs the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease network aiming at the epidemiological characteristics of cardiovascular diseases in Sichuan Province. It too studys the pathogenesis, biological therapy, drug development of cardiovascular disease; the promotion and application of key technology for clinical treatment. All the researches and studies are meant to construct its leading role in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases in west China.

Science and Technology Park of SWMU is the second provincial university science and Technology Park in Sichuan province, which is also the only one in Sichuan province with the characteristics of modern medicine research and development and health care service industry. The goal of the park is to built a model base of combining technology and service, pharmaceutical research and development, health industry and medicine culture industry; to incubate of high-tech enterprises and innovative talents; to provide information, personnel, intelligence, and platform support for local geoherbs, medical equipment, bio pharmaceuticals, health care products.