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Brief Introduction of the Stomatology College & the Affiliated Stomatology Hospital of Southwest Medical University

The Stomatology College & the Affiliated Stomatology Hospital of Southwest Medical University is located in Luzhou city, which is a National Famous Historical and Cultural City, a National Clean City and a National Forest City. The city is in the joint area of Sichuan, Yunnan, Guizhou Provinces and Chongqing Municipality.Its name was  Stomatology Department of the Affiliated Hospital of Luzhou Medical College with history of more than 60 years.The Stomatology Department of Luzhou Medical College was founded in 1986, the Affiliated Stomatology Hospital of Luzhou Medical College was founded in 2002,the hospital and the department was merged at the same time.
The Affiliated Stomatology Hospital is a national Class A-Grade III hospital,a national Standardized Residents Training Base,a first group provincial base for specialist doctors standardized training,a provincial continuing medical education,a Vice-Chairman Unit of Sichuan Provincial Stomatological Association,a Chairman Unit of Luzhou Medical Association.The main part of hospital is located in South Road,Jiangyang.The Chengbei outpatient department is located in the Longmantan,Xianglin Road. With 170 registered beds,it becomes a center for dental medical treatment,education and scientific research in the joint point of 3 provinces and 1 municipality.The Clinical Science of Stomatology  and Orthodontics are provincial key disciplines,the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and Prosthodontics are provincial key constructive disciplines.
It has 197 employees,among them 21 are experts with high professional title,81 are full-time teachers,10 are doctors,60 are postgraduates,7 are returned scholars. Among the teachers,the rate of experts with high professional title is 26%,the rate of teachers with master's degree or above is 86%. There are large number of outstanding talents,including experts with significant contributions, academic and technological leaders by Health and Family Planning Commission of Sichuan Province, Outstanding Specialists, top talents and academic and technological leaders by Luzhou city. Among them,some people are national, provincial academic committee members.It also employs famous experts as visiting professors,such as Qiu weiliu, who is a academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Zhou Xuedong, Zhao Yimin, Wang Songling and some other famous experts.
The Stomatology is class A disciplines in bachelor’s program.It has two disciplines for conferring Master’s degree,including scientific degree in Clinical Science of Stomatology and professional degree in Stomatology.There are about 5 hundred undergraduate students and postgraduate students studying on campus.The Stomatology is provincial specialty.The Oral medicine,Prosthodontics and Orthodontics are respectively provincial and university’s key courses.The Stomatology experimental teaching center is provincial experimental teaching demonstration center. The oral and maxillofacial reconstruction and regeneration laboratory has got more than 40 scientific and technological projects at all levels including projects aided by the National Social Science Fund.It has established long-term academic exchange relationship with universities, scientific research institutes and medical units in U.S.A, Japan, Germany,Hongkong and so on.
It will practice the motto “Profound virtues,Precision medicine,Persevering practice and Absolute perfection”, and it will insist  on the Concept of "Perfect quality,Molding character and Pursuing excellence".It is making great effort to become a multilevel training base  for oral health talents,a high level platform of stomatological research  and a national influential modernized stomatological hospital through the unremitting endeavor.