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Brief introduction of southwest medical university affiliated hospital
of traditional Chinese medicine

Southwest medical university affiliated hospital of traditional Chinese medicine is a third class A comprehensive teaching hospital, with multifunction including medical treatment, teaching, research, prevention and health care. It has the combined characteristics of TCM and western medicine. The hospital has ISO9001 quality certification, with titles as: “The National Key Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital”, “China Top 100 Hospital Brand", "National Advanced Medical Unit", "National Advanced TCM Medical Unit In Excel Activities", "National Advanced Unit In Summer Cure For A Winter Disease", "National Provincial General Hospital Culture Construction Advanced Unit", "National Advanced Management Unit For Succession of Teachings From Distinguished Veteran Doctors of TCM ", "National TCM Culture Construction Advanced Unit", "National Advanced Unit for TCM Popular Science Knowledge Propaganda And Education", "National Hospital Culture Construction Innovation Unit", "National Model Unit of Electronic Medical Records of TCM", "Sichuan Provincial Education Committee Advanced Basic-Level Party Organization ", "Sichuan Province Medicine Health System Advanced Unit", "luzhou city advanced Basic-Level Party Organization ", nine times "first prize of social services in luzhou 110 emergency" and so on.

The hospital has construction area of 150,000 square meters. The hospital now has 4 branches including the North City New Hospital, Shui Jing Gou Outpatient Clinic, Zhong Shan Inpatient Department and the Driver Physical Examination Center. The hospital has 2000 beds available and 40 clinical and auxiliary inspection department, including National Key Construction Professional Clinical Department – Encephalopathy Department And Nephrology Department; National Key Professional  Department – Department of Otorhinolaryngology; National Key Construction And Cultivation Project – Encephalopathy Department, Hepatology Department, Nephrology Department And ICU Department;  National Key Unit of TCM Professional Department Cooperative Group –Preventive Treatment of Disease Center, Nursing, And Clinical Pharmacy; Sichuan Province Key Professional Department –Otolaryngology Department, Cardiac And Cerebral Disease Department,  Spleen And Stomach Diseases Department, Liver Disease Department, Nephrology Department, Orthopedics And Traumatology Department, Pulmonary Disease Department, Dermatology Department, Anorectal Department; Sichuan Province Key Construction Professional Department – Pediatric Department, Oncology Department And Gynecology And Obstetrics Department. Hospital also has Sichuan province administration of traditional Chinese medicine secondary laboratories, Sichuan province education department organ fibrosis laboratory, Sichuan province for major TCM disease collaboration and control center, Sichuan province TCM preventive treatment of disease center, national and provincial studio of distinguished TCM veteran doctors and so on. 

The department of pharmaceutical preparation in hospital is the Sichuan province TCM construction unit.

Hospital has dual-source CT, 3.0 T magnetic resonance imaging system (MRI), DR, 16-slice spiral CT, DSA machine, tumor conformable radiotherapy and other advanced equipment, as well as laminar flow operating room.

Hospital now has 1800 existing staff, including more than 200 senior professional experts, more than 240 with master or PhD degrees, over 80 doctoral and postgraduate tutors, and more than 100 national or provincial level academic expert committee member.

Hospital is united with Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine Department of Southwest Medical University, with Chinese medicine integrated with Western medicine undergraduate program and TCM undergraduate program, and 3 minor programs including Dermatovenerology, EENT and Traumatology of Chinese medicine integrated with Western medicine. There are 2 level one master's degree program ----- Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine program and TCM program. The Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine program is state-level characteristic disciplines, key Chinese Medicine construction unit of twelfth five year plan of State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Sichuan province-level key subjects, and quality project of higher education in Sichuan province.

Hospital has set up a long time cooperation relationship in academic exchanges, research and teaching with Germany, the United States, Japan, Canada, Russia, Portugal and other countries. Hospital has dense scientific research atmosphere, recent five years successively bearing the national natural science fund subject, 430 achievements in National Scientific Key Project of the Eighth Five-Year Plan, won 21 times the provincial and municipal science and technology progress prize, and published more than 2000 papers in various medical journals of both domestic and abroad.

Hospital always attach importance on "management, quality, characteristic, scientific, and talent, advocating the solidarity and hard working spirit, adhering to the motto of " virtue and sincere", bearing the mission of protecting life, holding the management idea of virtue and culture, implementing the service idea of pursuit of the supreme good, and taking concrete actions to realize the vision of hospital ---- “domestic first-class, internationally renowned, Chinese and western characteristics hospital ".