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Brief Introduction of Undergraduate Students Cultivation
Brief Introduction of Undergraduate Students Cultivation

It was upgraded to Luzhou Medical College in 1978 when it started undergraduate education.After 65 years of development,SWMC has 25 majors,covering 7 categories of subjects such as medicine, engineering, arts, management, law, mechanics and education. It enrolls students from 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions all over China. It has 3 national specialty majors, 6 provincial special majors, 13 majors in the first group to enroll undergraduate students.There are 16454 undergraduate students on campus.
It has 1056 teachers. Of the teachers, 241 are doctorates,495 are professors and  associate professors,221 are associate professors, 380 are tutors of postgraduate students,17 are tutors of doctoral students,616are tutors of postgraduate students.There are more than 356 high-level talents, including visiting professors who are given the title of  “Yangtze Scholars” by the Chinese Education Ministry, the first and second class candidates of “1 Million Talent Project”, some experts entitled to a special government allowance.

It has 4 provincial experimental teaching demonstration centers,2 provincial virtual simulation experiment centers,1 national practice base for university student off-campus,3 provincial practice bases for university student off-campus. It has 3 affiliated hospitals,16 non-subordinate hospitals, 39 teaching hospitals, clinical teaching bases in 20 cities or prefectures for integration of internship and employment,and 37 teaching bases for students of related to medical majors and non-medical majors.

The SWMC is working hard by practicing the school motto“Nobility, Dedication, Charity and Salvation,”and inheriting the spirit of“Innovation through Self-improvement”with recreation and endeavor.It will take the noble historical mission to cultivate high quality applied talents who have comprehensive adaptability and strong practice ability by combining instructional knowledge with ability cultivation, theoretical teaching with practice.The university delegation has won the first prize continuously for 6 years in the National Medical College and University Students’ Clinical Skills Contest in the Northwest and Southwest Competition Area, and has won the second prize twice and and third prize three times  in the national final competitions. It got 2 first prizes and 1 second prize in the International Stomatology Undergraduate Students Skills Competition which was organized by Stomatology Teaching Committee of the Education Department of the Ministry. The passing rate of the graduates in the National Practitioner Qualification Examination is higher than the national average level for years.The enrollment and employment are good. The employment rate of the graduates remains above 90% for the past 10 years.