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Clinical Medicine of SWMU for the first time enters the top 1% of ESI

Recently, according to the latest data from ESI (Essential Science Indicators), clinical medicine of SWMU for the first time enters the top 1% of ESI.

ESI (Essential Science Indicators) is a basic scientific indicator, and its database is a basic analyzing and evaluating tool for measuring the performance of scientific research and following the trend of scientific development, which was developed by America’s ISI (Institute for Scientific Information)—the world-famous academic information publishing institution in 2001. It is a metrological analysis database based on more than 10 million bibliographic records of over 11,000 global academic journals included in Thomson Reuters Web of Science (SCIE / SSCI).

At present, ESI has become one of the most important evaluation index tools for assessing the international academic level and influence of universities, academic institutions, countries and regions all over the world. Its database is categorized by different disciplines, which covering tens of thousands discipline of different research units, and the data are updating every two months. Along with the accelerating construction on high-level universities and world-class disciplines, the universities in China have become increasingly higher cognition and recognition on the ESI.