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The pass rate of the examination of stomatological medical practitioner (89.86%) ranks the fourth place nation wide

           It has been officially released that 89.86% of 68 students, who attended the examination of stomatological medical practitioner last year, have passed the exam. The result ranks the fourth place among 74 universities and colleges, which have 30 examinees at least and is 18.52% higher than the national result, which is only 71.34%.

A reform of cultivating talent personnel has been taken place by the School of dentistry and oral health. Affiliated hospital of stomatology, since the first enrollment of candidates surpassed the line of first-tier college. The reform contains raising the percentage of lab courses, shifting from graduation theory test to dissertation defense and skill assessments and all the graduates have to be assessed by OSCE. By initiating the reform, the quality of students has been largely developed and many of them have won the first prize in the International Competition of the Skill and Operation for Undergraduate Students of Stomatology in recent years.